Abstract Collection

Fathom Stone Art produces sculptures in Augmented Reality to be superimposed into your living space to see just how perfect the exquisite stone art sculpture will be. These modern designs are elegant in extravagant beauty and made to order in your choice of stone and size for your decor. Choose a design of your own for us to digitally transform for your viewing pleasure before commencing carving production.

From 2' to 10', our studio makes bespoke stone art for your home and also mass-produce for hospitality development projects and public city art. Contact us for your design proposal to begin the making of your unique custom stone sculpture.

Step into a captivating virtual gallery experience that transports you into the world of art and culture. Explore the stunning exhibit, discover renowned masterpieces, and indulge your senses with our immersive virtual tour. Enter the virtual gallery below to embark on an extraordinary journey through artistic excellence and inspiration.