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Catch A Wave

Catch A Wave

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Title: Catch A Wave
Stone Type:  BC Marble

Weight: 24 lbs
Size:9" x 7" x 16"
Made in BC Canada


"Catch A Wave" is a dynamic and contemporary sculpture carved from BC marble, exuding a sense of movement and energy. The artist has expertly combined polished surfaces with rough textures to evoke the fluidity and power of a breaking wave. The piece stands at 9" x 7" x 16" and weighs 24 lbs, making it a striking and substantial artwork. The sleek, curved form rises from a broad base, narrowing into a sharp, cresting point that captures the moment of a wave's peak.

The contrast between the smooth, reflective marble and the jagged, textured section enhances the sculpture's visual impact, symbolizing the dual nature of water—both serene and tumultuous. The deep, rich tones of the BC marble add depth and intensity to the piece, while the artist's skillful carving brings out the natural beauty of the stone. Made in British Columbia, Canada, "Catch A Wave" reflects the region's stunning coastal landscapes and the artist's ability to translate natural phenomena into enduring art. This sculpture invites viewers to appreciate the majesty of the ocean, making it a captivating addition to any collection.


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