Gifts for Whistler & Vancouver Group Conferences

Gifts for Whistler & Vancouver Group Conferences

Fathom Stone Art offers unique hand carved BC stone art gifts for your key speakers or entire group!  We have multiple sizes of British Columbia in stone carved inukshuks available including 3.5", 7", and 12" tall for those special guests.  We also have a wonderful selection of stone wildlife, bowls, and jewellery.
This 3.5" inuksuk is the perfect Whistler, Vancouver, Victoria gift item for your business meeting conference welcome to Whistler take-home gift art item.  They are 100% BC stone and individually handmade in Whistler & Squamish.  We have a back-stock ready for your group, or we can make them to your choice of quantity, colored stone, and size.


Whistler Corporate Conference Gift Item Inukshuk





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