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Title: Seashell
Stone Types: Alabaster Shell on Serpentine Base

Weight: 19 lbs.  9 kg.
Size: 17" x 10" x 13"
Made in BC Canada

Introducing this exquisite alabaster translucent seashell, a true masterpiece in stone artistry. Its delicate translucency gives it a captivating softness, making it a remarkable addition to any art collection.

The choice of a contrasting beach rock base enhances the seashell's allure, creating a harmonious fusion of textures. The result is a mesmerizing pearly twisty shell sculpture that captures the essence of the sea.

When displayed in a well-lit space, especially by a window or with strategically placed lighting, this piece comes to life, casting a stunning and enchanting glow. It transforms your space into a captivating coastal escape, even when miles away from the shore.

The Seashell features a 3-part Italian brass and stainless steel pin system, allowing the seashell to gracefully rotate a full 360 degrees on its base. This adds an interactive dimension to your art experience, inviting you to appreciate every angle and detail of this seashell's beauty.

Indulge in the world of stone artistry and bring the allure of the sea into your surroundings with this remarkable alabaster seashell sculpture. ~Enjoy!

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