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Come From Away

Come From Away

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Title: Come From Away
Stone Type:  Granite, Bronze, Sodalite

Weight: 63 lbs
Size: 20" x 7" x 14"
Made in BC Canada

"Come From Away" is an intriguing and dynamic sculpture crafted from granite, bronze, and sodalite, embodying a sense of movement and balance. The main structure, carved from granite, features smooth, flowing curves that create an open, abstract form. Nestled within this granite arc is a polished sodalite sphere, its deep blue hue providing a striking contrast to the dark, textured granite. The addition of bronze elements, delicately positioned atop the sculpture, adds a touch of warmth and sophistication.

Weighing 63 lbs and measuring 20" x 7" x 14", this piece showcases the harmonious interplay of different materials, each contributing to the overall aesthetic and narrative. The sodalite sphere suggests themes of unity and completeness, while the sweeping granite form evokes a sense of journey and transformation. Carved in British Columbia, Canada, "Come From Away" reflects the region's rich artistic heritage and the artist's skillful manipulation of diverse materials. This sculpture invites viewers to explore the balance between solidity and fluidity, tradition and innovation, making it a captivating addition to any art collection.


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