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Buddha's Hand

Buddha's Hand

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Title: Buddha's Hand
Sculpture Stone: BC Polar Nephrite Jade 
Base Stone: Ogden Mt. Nephrite Jade
Size: 10.5" x 4" x 4"
Weight: 14 lb. / 6 kg.
Carved in British Columbia Canada


In my early years as a jade artist I was intrigued by the ancient Chinese jade Buddha's Hand sculptures. The unusual fruit known as the Fingered Citron was the inspiration to generations of carvers spanning hundreds of years. Its ancestor, the citron, may have been brought to China from India by Buddhist monks and cultivated near the Yangtze Valley. In China and Japan, this hybrid is served  around the New Year because it’s believed to symbolize happiness, wealth and longevity. In this piece I created a contemporary version of a classic, much revered subject.

Polar Jade is British Columbia's best nephrite for colour and is the toughest jade mined in the northern deposits.

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