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Sail Dance

Sail Dance

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Title: Sail Dance
Stone Type:  Purple Quartz

Weight: 15 lb 
Size: 7" x 5" x 14"
Made in BC Canada


"Sail Dance" is an enchanting sculpture, expertly carved from Purple Quartz, capturing the essence of movement and grace. Standing 14 inches tall, 7 inches wide, and 5 inches deep, this 15-pound piece evokes the fluidity of a sail catching the wind. The Purple Quartz, with its natural swirls and variations, adds depth and intrigue to the sculpture, highlighting its dynamic form. The polished surface contrasts beautifully with the raw, organic textures, creating a visual interplay that draws the viewer's eye. Crafted in British Columbia, "Sail Dance" reflects the artist's deep connection to the region's natural beauty and geological richness. This sculpture invites contemplation and appreciation of the elegance found in both nature and art, offering a serene yet powerful visual experience.

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