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Art Class Pendant ~ 1-2 Hours

Art Class Pendant ~ 1-2 Hours

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To request an immediate or specific start time, simply call (604) 962-7722 or Email

Class Name: Pendant Sculpture
Stone Type: BC Soapstone
Size: 1" to 3"
Class Length: 1+ Hours
Ages: 5+
Price: $75 per person

Make & take home your own stone pendant.  Choose your stone, design your piece, carve, polish, oil, and string up for a necklace!

Unleash Your Creativity: Craft and Wear Your Own Soapstone Pendant!

Join us for an engaging soapstone pendant carving workshop where you'll have the opportunity to create your very own wearable masterpiece. Let your imagination soar as you select a captivating BC Soapstone, design a unique pendant, skillfully carve it to perfection, polish it for a beautiful finish, and add the final touch with an oil treatment.

Carve Your Dreams: From Bears to Birds, Let Your Ideas Take Shape!

Experience the thrill of carving a stunning soapstone pendant. Whether you envision a bear, whale, orca, eagle, cat, dog, fox, lion, bird, or any other animal or shape, the soapstone becomes your canvas, and your hands hold the tools to bring your vision to life in the form of a wearable work of art.

Art Classes for All: Kids and Adults Welcome!

Our soapstone pendant carving classes cater to both kids and adults, ensuring an inclusive and enriching experience for all. We understand the value of individual attention, which is why we offer private classes tailored to your schedule. Simply let us know your preferred start time between 9 am and 7 pm, and we will reserve your spot. Our skilled artist instructors will provide step-by-step guidance as you create your own stunning soapstone pendant using authentic British Columbia Soapstone. All materials are included, and assistance is readily available throughout the class.

Indulge in Whistler's Delights: Drop Off Your Kids and Enjoy!

While your little ones immerse themselves in our educational, creative, and fun-filled classes, take the opportunity to indulge in Whistler's abundant offerings. Whether you choose to hit the slopes, savor exquisite dining, play a round of golf, pamper yourself at the spa, or explore the local shops, our classes provide the perfect rainy-day indoor activity for both kids and adults.

Unforgettable Group Experiences: Perfect for Conventions and Conferences!

Planning a special gathering? Our group bookings cater to conventions, conferences, and more. With the flexibility to accommodate up to 150 individuals, we can even bring our classes to your location at the Westin Resort, ensuring convenience and a memorable experience for all.

Reserve Your Spot Today!

To secure your place in our Soapstone Pendant Carving Workshop, please call us at (604) 962-7722 or email us at Don't miss the opportunity to unleash your creativity, learn the art of soapstone carving, and take home a cherished pendant crafted by your own hands.

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