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Under Fold Pair ~ White Gold

Under Fold Pair ~ White Gold

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Title: Under Fold Pair ~ White Gold
Stone Type: White & black marble base

Weight: 40 lb +
Size: 2'  *For larger sizes please email for a quote.
Made in: BC Canada

Made to order in select sizes & stones.


"Under Fold Pair ~ White Gold" is an exquisite set of sculptures, each carved from white gold marble and mounted on a black marble base. Weighing over 40 pounds collectively and standing two feet tall, these pieces create a dynamic dialogue between form and space. Their complementary crescent shapes suggest a harmonious interplay of duality, evoking themes of balance and unity. The marble’s delicate veining adds a luxurious texture, enhancing the sculptures' refined elegance. Crafted in British Columbia, Canada, these sculptures can be made to order in various sizes and stones, offering bespoke customization. Together, they form a striking focal point, their mirrored forms inviting contemplation on the nature of symmetry and completeness.


While viewing on your cellphone or iPad/tablet, click this symbol to the bottom right of the spinning sculpture above to view in Augmented Reality.

Click to view on your cell phone, iPad or tablet, and allow your phone to access the camera.  You will be able to place the AR sculpture in your surrounding area, change its size, and walk around it to see how it looks and where it is best displayed.

What is Augmented Reality?
A technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's cell phone/iPad/tablet screen of the real world, thus providing a composite view of the stone sculpture.

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