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The Last Dance

The Last Dance

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Title: The Last Dance
Stone: Alabaster Polar Bear & Basalt Base
Size: 22" x 17" x 39" (including 7” base)
Weight: 300 lbs
Made in Whistler, BC


"The Last Dance" is a magnificent sculpture that captures a polar bear in an exuberant pose, carved from ethereal alabaster. This piece, standing at 39 inches including its 7-inch basalt base, exhibits a harmonious blend of delicate craftsmanship and robust natural materials. The alabaster's translucent quality allows light to play through the stone, giving the polar bear a lifelike and almost spiritual presence. Resting on a solid basalt base, the sculpture achieves a striking contrast between the delicate bear and the sturdy foundation. Weighing a substantial 300 pounds, this piece is both an artistic marvel and an impressive physical presence. Created in Whistler, British Columbia, "The Last Dance" showcases the skill and creativity of its artist, transforming a simple moment into a timeless expression of grace and vitality. This sculpture, with its elegant form and intricate detail, invites viewers to celebrate the joyous and playful spirit of the natural world.

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