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Skydive Eagle

Skydive Eagle

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Title: Skydive
Stone: BC Jade
Size: 11" 10" x 24"
Weight: 21 lb. 10 kg.
Made in: BC Canada


"Skydive," crafted from BC Jade, is a striking sculpture embodying the majesty of a bird in flight. Standing 24 inches tall and weighing 21 pounds, this piece captures a dynamic moment as an eagle soars upward from a rugged rock base. The artist masterfully carves the intricate details of the eagle's feathers and outstretched wings, showcasing the rich green hues and natural veining of the jade. BC Jade, known for its durability and vibrant color, enhances the lifelike quality of the sculpture. This piece is a testament to the skill and creativity of its Canadian creator, reflecting both the rugged beauty and the natural splendor of British Columbia. Comparable to the gallery's other jade sculptures, "Skydive" uniquely captures the essence of freedom and the spirit of the wild.


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