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SOLD, Available in Bronze Casting, email for pricing.

Moose antlers, 15x15in

Commissioned for the collection of Jason and Kerrin Wilson

This double-figured sculpture was commissioned by a seahorse aficionado, to be realized using abstract, duality themed elements (angles and curves). Barbour’s Seahorses (Hippocampus barbouri), have interesting protrusions or barbs (though their name comes from the fact that they are found in the Sea of Barbour) and very nice shapes, inspirational models for this sculpture. The Barbour’s Seahorse are under threat in the wild, from overfishing and habitat loss.

Since seahorses demonstrate gender role reversal: females compete for the attention of a male, who then carries the successful female’s babies to term in his pouch, I have chosen to feature curvaceous elements (with angular undertones) on this pregnant male seahorse and angular elements (with curved undertones) on his female partner.

Publications:  Arabella; Hi Fructose; Branch Magazine: Wild; Red Deer College: Series Summer School of the Arts Course Catalogue (cover and header graphic – detail); Wildlife Art Journal; Trophy Rooms from Around the World: Vol 5: From Portrait to Self Portrait: Vol 3

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