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Title: Crow
Stone: Black Jade, Pyrophyllite, White Marble, Amethyst
Size: 12" x 10" x 11"
Weight: 14lbs 6kg
Made in: BC Canada


This striking sculpture, titled "Crow," intricately combines various stones to create a vivid tableau. The raven, sculpted from black jade, stands atop a ram's skull carved from pristine white marble, its open beak suggesting a moment of vocal expression. The ram's horns, made from pyrophyllite, exhibit a rich, translucent texture that adds depth and realism. The entire composition is anchored on a base of raw amethyst crystals, their vibrant purple hues providing a striking contrast and a mystical foundation. Measuring 12 inches by 10 inches by 11 inches and weighing 14 pounds (6 kg), this piece is a testament to the artist's craftsmanship and ability to evoke themes of life, death, and transformation. Created in British Columbia, Canada, this sculpture masterfully blends realism with symbolic depth, showcasing the natural beauty of each stone used.


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