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Note ~ Gold

Note ~ Gold

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Title: Note ~ Gold
Stone Type: Gold Marble
Weight: 40 lb +
Size: 2'  *For larger sizes please email for a quote.
Made in: BC Canada


"Note ~ Gold" is an exquisite sculpture meticulously carved from gold marble, standing two feet tall and weighing over 40 pounds. This piece, created in British Columbia, Canada, embodies the essence of musical elegance with its flowing, spiral form reminiscent of a musical note. The rich, golden hues of the marble, interspersed with subtle veining, create a warm and inviting visual texture. The sculpture's graceful curves and polished surface catch the light beautifully, enhancing its dynamic and lyrical presence. Customizable in various sizes, "Note ~ Gold" celebrates the harmonious interplay of form and material, transforming raw stone into a sophisticated work of art. This sculpture invites viewers to explore the intersection of natural beauty and artistic expression, making it a striking centerpiece for any space.

On your cellphone or Ipad/Tablet, click this symbol to the bottom right of the spinning Gold Note above to view in Augmented Reality.

Click to view on your cell phone, iPad or tablet, and allow your phone to access the camera.  You will be able to place the AR sculpture in your surrounding area, change its size, and walk around it to see how it looks and where it is best displayed

What is Augmented Reality?
A technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's Cell Phone/Ipad/Tablet screen of the real world, thus providing a composite view of the stone sculpture.

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