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Northern Heights - 5' Life Size Polar Bear

Northern Heights - 5' Life Size Polar Bear

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"Northern Heights" stands as a testament to the majestic grandeur of polar bears, part of the exclusive Fathom Stone Art Life-Size Polar Bear Collection. This stunning sculpture, created by the skilled hands of Fathom and Cho, captures a poignant family moment between a mother polar bear and her two cubs. Carved from pristine Statuario Colorado Marble, the sculpture's intricate detailing of the bears' fur and form is a marvel to behold. The use of BC Green Nephrite Jade for the inlays adds a vibrant contrast, enhancing the visual appeal. The Tiger Eye and Black Jade eyes imbue the piece with lifelike depth and warmth, drawing viewers into its captivating gaze.

Weighing an impressive 3,300 pounds and meticulously shaped over 14 months, this piece originated from a colossal 14,000-pound block of stone. The sculpture's grand scale, measuring 5 by 5 by 3 feet, ensures it commands attention in any space. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor display, "Northern Heights" embodies the power and beauty of the Arctic wilderness. It not only highlights the strength and resilience of polar bears but also their tender familial bonds. This masterpiece is a captivating centerpiece that brings the raw beauty of nature into any setting, leaving a lasting impression on all who behold it.

"Northern Heights”
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Series: Fathom Stone Art ~ Life-Size Polar Bear Collection
Stone: Statuario Colorado Marble, BC Green Nephrite Jade, Tiger Eye & Black Jade Eyes
Size: 5’ x 5’ x 3' + Cub
Weight: 3,300 lb. (14,000 lb. original stone block)
Artist: Fathom, Cho   
Carving Time: 14 months
Carved at Fathom Stone Art British Columbia - Canada
*Northern Heights has been sealed and can be displayed inside or out.

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