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Title: Majesty
Stone: BC Alpenglow Orange & Red Marble
Size: 11" x 11" x 15"


"Majesty" is a commanding sculpture crafted from BC Alpenglow orange and red marble, depicting the noble visage of a bear. The artist has masterfully used the warm, earthy tones of the marble to highlight the bear's regal presence and lifelike features. Measuring 11" x 11" x 15", this piece exudes a powerful yet serene aura, capturing the essence of the bear's majesty and strength. The polished surface of the bear's head contrasts beautifully with the rough, natural texture of the surrounding stone, symbolizing the interplay between the wild and the refined. Created in British Columbia, "Majesty" reflects the region’s rich natural heritage and the artist’s deep connection to the wildlife that inhabits it. This sculpture, like "Roaring Bear," emphasizes the grandeur and dignity of the bear, showcasing the artist's skill in bringing out the inherent beauty of the marble and the majestic spirit of the creature.

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