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"Magic" The Ammolite

"Magic" The Ammolite

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Title: "Magic' The Ammolite - Double-Sided Ammolite
Type: Ammolite Placenticeras Meeki Fossil 
Quality: AA
Colors: Rainbow + 

Size: 13"x11"
Weight: 9.34lb or 4.08kg
From: Alberta, Canada 

Description: "Magic" The Ammolite.  If there ever was real magic in the making, this is it.  If you don't believe in Magic, here you go, real proof!  This gem is Magic.  The intense red flame on both sides glittered with rainbow ribbons of gold and green making this piece a dancing fire in a fossil fit for display in your home or office space.  If home jewelry wasn't a thing of the past, it is now.  Ammolite is both a fossil and a gem!

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