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Inukshuk - Vancouver Island Grey Marble

Inukshuk - Vancouver Island Grey Marble

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Title: Inukshuk
Stone: Vancouver Island Grey Marble
Size: 3.5' x 1.75' x 6'
Weight: 2,500 lbs / 1,150 kg
Carved: Whistler, British Columbia CANADA

The Inukshuk (pronounced In-ook-shook) meaning “in the image of man”, are magnificent human-like figures of stone which were erected by the Inuit.  They stand along with Canada & Alaska’s most northern shores and are unique to the North America arctic.  They are made of rock slabs, large and small, and built into the shape of a person with their arms or legs outstretched or more traditionally, piles of well-mapped-out rocks.  The inukshuk has long been recognized as the “compass of the Arctic.”  They were early road signs, pre GPS, or folding maps.

On your cellphone or Ipad/Tablet, click this symbol to the bottom right of the spinning Inukshuk above to view in Augmented Reality.

Click to view on your cell phone, iPad or tablet, and allow your phone to access the camera.  You will be able to place the AR sculpture in your surrounding area, change its size, and walk around it to see how it looks and where it is best displayed

What is Augmented Reality?
A technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's Cell Phone/Ipad/Tablet screen of the real world, thus providing a composite view of the stone sculpture.


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