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Ice King ~ White Marble

Ice King ~ White Marble

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Title: Ice King
Stone: Italian White Marble
Size:  13" x 8 x 11"
Weight: 32 lb. / 14 kg.
Made in Whistler, BC


"Ice King" is a stunning sculpture meticulously carved from Italian white marble, capturing the majestic presence of a polar bear. Standing at 11 inches tall with dimensions of 13 by 8 inches, and weighing 32 pounds, this piece exudes both strength and elegance. The artist has skillfully utilized the natural veining and texture of the marble to highlight the bear's form, creating a sense of movement and vitality. The smooth, polished surface contrasts beautifully with the rugged base, suggesting the polar bear's natural habitat in the Arctic. Crafted in Whistler, British Columbia, "Ice King" showcases the artist's adept ability to bring life to stone, emphasizing the bear's powerful yet serene demeanor. This sculpture invites viewers to reflect on the majestic beauty and resilience of the polar bear, making it a compelling addition to any art collection. "Ice King" stands as a testament to the timeless elegance of marble sculpture and the enduring allure of wildlife art.


On your cellphone or iPad/Tablet, click this symbol at the bottom right of the spinning sculpture above to view it in Augmented Reality.

Click to view on your cell phone, iPad, or tablet, and allow your phone to access the camera.  You will be able to place the AR sculpture in your surrounding area, change its size, and walk around it to see how it looks and where it is best displayed

What is Augmented Reality?
A technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's Cell Phone/iPad/Tablet screen of the real world, thus providing a composite view of the stone sculpture.

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