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Honey Bear

Honey Bear

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Title: Honey Bear
Stone: BC Pink Rhodonite, Golden Agate, 14k Gold Bees
Size: 8" x 7" x 14"
Weight: 20 lbs
Made in British Columbia Canada


"Honey Bear" is a captivating sculpture that brings to life the playful charm of a bear enjoying its sweet treat. Carved from BC Pink Rhodonite, this 14-inch tall piece weighs 20 pounds and vividly captures the bear's contented expression and detailed fur texture. Perched on a rugged base, also of pink rhodonite, the bear holds a jar of golden agate honey, enhancing the scene's warmth and whimsy. The inclusion of 14k gold bees adds a touch of luxury and fine craftsmanship, highlighting the artist's attention to detail. The use of these materials not only brings a unique vibrancy to the piece but also underscores the natural beauty of British Columbia's geological treasures. "Honey Bear" resonates with the gallery's collection of animal sculptures, such as "Penguin Picnic," celebrating both the playful and precious aspects of wildlife.


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