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Floating Feast

Floating Feast

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Title: Floating Feast
Stone: BC Gold & Green Soapstone
Size: 17" x 9" x 5"
Weight: 24 lb. / 11 kg.
Made In: BC, Canada


"Floating Feast" is a captivating sculpture of a sea otter, rendered with remarkable skill from BC gold and green soapstone. The artist’s use of three distinct finishing techniques brings out a rich palette of colors and textures, enhancing the lifelike quality of the piece. Measuring 17" x 9" x 5" and weighing 24 pounds, this sculpture depicts the otter floating on its back, clutching a starfish, a delightful capture of a moment in nature. The polished surfaces contrast with the rougher, more textured areas, creating a dynamic interplay that draws the viewer's eye. This piece, crafted in British Columbia, celebrates the region's marine life and the intricate beauty of soapstone. Similar to the "Canadian Beaver," it reflects the artist's deep appreciation for wildlife and showcases the versatility of natural stone in fine art.

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