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Opal Net

Opal Net

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The "Opal Net" pendant is part of Fathom Stone's nautical fine jewellery collection.  It is as if the giant 20-carat crystal opal is being hauled out of the ocean by the 18k yellow gold net.  The net hangs from a 360-degree rotational pulley inlaid with 13 diamonds, along with 7 green demantoids inlaid to the connection points near the bottom.  The giant crystal opal emanates a full spectrum of colors.

Details and Materials

Series: Fathom Nautical Treasures
Gemstones: Australian Fire Crystal Opal, Diamonds, Demantoids
-19.75 ct solid Australian Fire Semi Crystal Freeform Opal
-13 round brilliant cut natural diamonds measuring 1.2mm (5) 1.4mm (5) and 1.7mm (2) with a total weight of 0.15 carats.  Color grade: E/F.  Clarity grade: VVS/VS.  Make: Very Good/Excellent.
-7 round mixed-cut natural demantoids measuring 1.3mm & a total weight of 0.07 carats.  Color: Medium, moderately strong, yellowish green.  Texture: Transparent.  Clarity grade: Eye clean.  Make: Good
Precious metals: 18kt yellow gold pendant
Dimensions: 59.4 x 18.4 x 16.0 mm
Weight: Total weight of pendant 13.2 grams

Chain: Sold separately
Designed and made at: Fathom Stone & Astranova Jewellery - Vancouver, BC

This piece is exclusive to the person who wears it; it will never be recreated and is unavailable for reordering.


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