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Northern Heights - Limited Edition

Northern Heights - Limited Edition

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Title: Northern Heights - Limited Edition #1
Stone: Vancouver Island Marble, BC Jade Nose & Claws & Foot Pads, Smokey Quartz Eyes

Size: 22" x 11" x 22" + cub
Weight: 125 lb / 56 kg
Design: Fathom, Cho
Carved in British Columbia Canada

"Northern Heights” - Limited Edition #1 from the Fathom Stone Art Life-Size Polar Bear Collection is a stunning sculpture measuring 22 inches in length. This intricately designed piece, weighing 125 pounds, carved from pristine Vancouver Island marble, exuding an elegant and lifelike presence. The polar bear’s nose, claws, and foot pads are fashioned from BC Jade, providing a striking contrast against the white marble. Smokey Quartz eyes imbue the sculpture with a soulful and realistic gaze, drawing viewers into the bear's icy world.

Fathom Stone Art now offers the Life-Size Polar Bear Collection sculptures in a more manageable size.  These very fine sculptures are limited in the number carved.  

The original “Northern Heights” is 5’ in length and the 6th polar bear to be carved in the Life-Size Polar Bear Collection.


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