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Clam With Pearl

Clam With Pearl

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Title: Clam With Pearl
Stone: Soapstone
Size: 10" x 9" x 5"
Weight:  18 lb. / 8 kg.
Made In: BC, Canada

"Radiance Within" The Soapstone Clamshell sculpture is a harmonious blend of contrasting textures and finishes. The meticulously carved clamshell boasts a shiny exterior, reflecting light and drawing attention to its intricacies. Nestled within, the stone pearl adds a touch of natural beauty, its smooth surface contrasting with the shell's glossy sheen. This piece captures the essence of balance and harmony, celebrating the delicate interplay between rough and smooth, shiny and matte.

"Radiance Within" is a captivating sculpture crafted from soapstone, depicting an open clam shell cradling a perfectly rounded pearl.  The artist has skillfully carved the soapstone to highlight the natural ridges and undulations of the clamshell, creating a lifelike representation that exudes both elegance and simplicity.  Measuring 10" x 9" x 5" and weighing 18 pounds, this piece captures the delicate balance of nature's beauty and the hidden treasures within.  The polished surfaces of the shell and pearl reflect light beautifully, enhancing the sculpture's allure and drawing the viewer's eye to the smooth, central pearl.  Created in British Columbia, this piece is a testament to the region's rich artistic tradition and the artist's meticulous attention to detail.  This sculpture celebrates the wonders of the sea, inviting viewers to appreciate the intricate beauty found in nature's creations.

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