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Title: Chameleon 
Stone: BC Green Jade, Agate Flower, Coral Base & Agate Butterfly
Made in: BC Canada
Size: 16"x 7" x 10"
Weight: 14 lb / 6kg


"Chameleon" is a captivating sculpture that masterfully captures the vibrant and dynamic nature of its subject. Carved from BC green jade, the chameleon appears lifelike with its intricately detailed scales and poised stance, measuring 16 inches in length, 7 inches in width, and 10 inches in height. The piece is set on a coral base, which adds an organic, earthy foundation, enhancing the naturalistic feel of the composition. An agate flower and butterfly complement the sculpture, adding delicate touches of color and intricacy that contrast beautifully with the green jade. Weighing 14 pounds, this piece demonstrates the artist's skill in blending various stones to create a harmonious and vivid representation. Made in British Columbia, Canada, "Chameleon" celebrates the exquisite beauty of natural stones and the intricate artistry of stone carving. This sculpture not only captures the essence of the chameleon but also invites viewers to appreciate the delicate interplay of form, color, and texture in the natural world, making it a striking addition to any art collection.

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