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Moose antler, 25x33x15

Acquired by Miranda Atwood in 2000; Westmark Whitehorse Hotel Dining Room, permanent display 2006-2008; donated to Yukon Arts Centre Gallery Permanent Collection, 2008

“Candle Ice, a smooth moose antler carved into jagged triangular shapes that resemble daggers of ice like those found alongside a frozen river. The smooth precision of the carving is a transformation of the original antler, likely shed by a moose just after mating season.

Many viewers wonder if the piece is made of one solid piece of antler, or if it was created with multiple pieces of antler adhered together. Impressively, Candle Ice was carved as one individual form with geometric shapes created out of the core naturally shaped antler.

In 2012, the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto commissioned Wilson to re-create Candle Ice for the lobby of their Hotel.” YAC

Publications:  Yukon Arts Centre Blog; Branch Magazine: Wild; Ice Floe: International Poetry of the Far North, Winter 2002 (front cover, back cover); Wildlife Art Journal; Trophy Rooms from Around the World: Vol 5; Up Here; From Portrait to Self Portrait: Vol 3; Guide to the Goldfields

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