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Bear Scratch

Bear Scratch

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Title:  Bear Scratch
Stone:  Australian Chlorite
Size:  9" x 5" x 9"
Weight: 14.2 lb. / 6.5 kg.
Made in Whistler, BC


"Bear Scratch" is a delightful and whimsical sculpture capturing the simple pleasures of nature, featuring two bears enjoying a back scratch against a tree. Sculpted from Australian chlorite, the piece exhibits a rich, greenish hue that adds to its naturalistic charm. The artist has skillfully carved the bears and the tree trunk, showcasing intricate details that bring the scene to life. Measuring 9" x 5" x 9" and weighing 14.2 lbs, this piece is both substantial and playful. The sculpture evokes a sense of joy and connection to the natural world, reminding viewers of the universal pleasures shared by all creatures. This charming depiction of bears in a moment of carefree delight is sure to bring a smile to anyone who appreciates the beauty of wildlife.

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