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Baffin Bear

Baffin Bear

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Title: Baffin Bear
Stone: Alabaster (Green Chlorite Base) 
Size: 13" x 6" x 11"
Weight: 18 lb. / 8 kg.
Made In: BC, Canada


"Baffin Bear" is a charming sculpture depicting a bear, skillfully carved from alabaster, and set on a green chlorite base. The alabaster's translucent quality beautifully highlights the bear's form, capturing a sense of grace and movement as it strides purposefully. Measuring 13" x 6" x 11" and weighing 18 lbs (8 kg), this piece is a striking example of the artist's ability to evoke the natural majesty of wildlife through stone.

The green chlorite base contrasts with the alabaster, enhancing the overall aesthetic and providing a naturalistic setting for the bear. This combination of materials suggests the bear's connection to its environment, grounding the sculpture in the rugged landscapes of the Canadian wilderness. Carved in British Columbia, Canada, "Baffin Bear" reflects the region's rich artistic heritage and its deep respect for nature. This sculpture captures the essence of the bear's strength and presence, making it a compelling addition to any collection.


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