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Arctic Pursuit - 7' Life Size Polar Bear

Arctic Pursuit - 7' Life Size Polar Bear

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On your cellphone or Ipad/Tablet, click this symbol at the bottom right of the spinning sculpture above to view it in Augmented Reality.


Alaskan-born and raised, Fathom was naturally drawn to the beauty and mystique of the polar bear - it has been a consistent muse throughout his career.  The “Life-Size Polar Bear Collection” carving began in 2012 with the completion of the first installment, Amazing Grace at a private residence in Toronto.  As the years pass, his passion for stone art and his commitment to bringing attention to the species continue to grow - as does the quality of this series.

At 7 feet and 4,750 pounds, Arctic Pursuit has the highest quality detail out of the collection to date, incorporating a high level of intricate carving, created with some of the best stones in North America. A bold, eye-catching statement piece and a unique way to bring any space to life.  It's the perfect way to add timeless elegance and luxury to any space.  With careful attention to detail and high-quality materials, this piece is sure to be admired for generations to come.

"Arctic Pursuit”
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Series: Fathom Stone Art ~ Life-Size Polar Bear Collection
Stone: Statuario Colorado & Colorado Calacatta Golden Marble, BC Jade, Tiger Eye & Black Jade Eyes
Size: 7’ x 3’ x 4.5'
Weight: 4,750 lb. (21,000 lb. original stone blocks)
Artist: Fathom, Cho, Samson, & Team    
Carving Time: 16 months
Carved at Fathom Stone Art Studio - Whistler, British Columbia - Canada
Arctic Pursuit has been sealed and can be displayed inside or out.

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