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Ammolite Art - Tropical Fish

Ammolite Art - Tropical Fish

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Title: Tropical Fish
Type: Ammolite Natural Picture Art
Quality: AA Quality Gem
Colors: Rainbow +
Size: 9.5” x 8” x 1”
Weight: 4.37 lb.
From: Alberta CANADA

Description: This rainbow color dragonskin fossil is a one of a kind example of fossil art. Many pieces of ammolite and ammolite fossils are given names because of their unique one-of-a-kind look and energy.  Each piece is in its way a piece of art and thus its name.  It also helps to describe each fossil to a team working with it.  One can’t say the blue beautiful one as there could be many concurrently at work.  Just as the Tyrell Museum calls a complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton BLACK BEAUTY,  ammolite art listed here will all have a designated name as given by the team that brought it to life.


I would like to introduce Tropical Fish. She is a dragon skin ammolite art fossil found on Fox Cliff on the Kainai Tribe Reserve, on the banks of the St Mary River on 14 August 2020.  A truly unique one-of-a-kind decor for a display.  It is sure to be a center of attention in the house or store of tropical fish lovers who appreciate fish art or fossils. This ammolite fossil was in this exact shape when found. Most miners would have cut it up for gem. It has been repaired, stabilized, and polished. Other than the total shape and dazzling rainbow colors, the red circular eye, and purple-blue tail are both not only rare in shape but the location of this Alberta ammonite.  Thus, the tropical fish comes alive. As a scuba diver, instructor, and once upon a time, part-time marine biologist, I recognized the blue angel fish's appearance.  Further research indicated that it could be a discus fish.  This fossil is dragon skin so it also imitates fish scales

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