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Amazing Grace - Limited Edition

Amazing Grace - Limited Edition

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Title: Amazing Grace - Limited Edition #1
Stone: Italian Marble, BC Jade Nose, Smokey Quartz Eyes
Size: 26" x 11" x 14"
Weight: 85 lb / 39 kg
Design: Fathom & Neukom
Carved in British Columbia Canada

"Amazing Grace - Limited Edition #1" is a majestic sculpture featuring a polar bear and its cub, exquisitely carved from Italian marble. The smooth and pristine marble captures the serene and powerful presence of the bears, with distinctive BC jade noses and smokey quartz eyes adding striking details. This original work, which began the life-size polar bear collection in 2012, was sold within three months and shipped to a private collector's home garden in Toronto.

The sculpture skillfully portrays the protective and nurturing relationship between the mother bear and her cub. The fluid lines and gentle curves of the marble emphasize the grace and strength of these majestic animals as they traverse their icy habitat. Since then, Fathom Stone has been creating a new work every two years. This limited edition piece is a testament to the beauty and resilience of wildlife, making it a profound and elegant addition to any collection.

Fathom Stone Art is now introducing the Life-Size Polar Bear Collection sculptures 26" in length.  These very fine sculptures are limited in the number carved.

The original Amazing Grace was 8' in length and the 1st polar bear to be carved in the Life-Size Polar Bear Collection.



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