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Alabaster Stone Pendant Lights

Alabaster Stone Pendant Lights

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Title: Alabaster Pendant Light
Stone/Material: White Alabaster/copper or brass finish
Size: 10” approx.
Weight: 5+ lbs per pendant Average - variable according to customer specifications

These custom alabaster light pendants are hand carved in BC from translucent white natural alabaster.  We offer a range of metal finish options for the tops, the most commonly requested are natural copper, antique copper, natural brass, or antique brass.

The stone in the pictures below has a bit of a gold shade due to the warm bulb inside, it is also possible to use a natural shade of bulb which makes the light a bit whiter. The stone can also be selected to have more or less veining depending on the desired preference.

These lights were made for an international lighting design competition in Vancouver, BC that was judged by world-renowned lighting designers like Tom Dixon, Michael Anastassiades, Omer Arbel, and others.  The pendant lights won 1st place in people's choice & judges runner up in his category.

These Alabaster Pendants are handmade from natural materials and it has been suggested by numerous people that they will fit well into many modern palettes. These lights can be combined into a small assemblage, or they would look great in a very large grouping or installation.

*Canopies, drivers, chains, pipes, and shipping are additional cost.

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