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Title: Abraham
Stone: Green & Gold Soapstone
Made in: BC Canada
Size: 26" x 15" x 21"
Weight: 300lb / 135kg


"Abraham" is an exquisite sculpture masterfully carved from green and gold soapstone, capturing the essence of a bear in a state of serene alertness. The piece stands 26 inches tall, with dimensions of 15 by 21 inches, and weighs a substantial 300 pounds, making it a commanding presence. The unique coloration of the soapstone, blending shades of green with rich gold hues, creates a dynamic visual effect that highlights the bear's form and fur texture. The artist's skillful use of the stone's natural variances brings a lifelike quality to the sculpture, emphasizing the bear's powerful yet contemplative demeanor. Crafted in British Columbia, Canada, "Abraham" exemplifies the harmonious integration of natural materials with artistic expression. This sculpture invites viewers to reflect on the majestic beauty and quiet strength of wildlife, standing as a timeless tribute to nature's wonders. "Abraham" is not only a significant artistic achievement but also a testament to the enduring allure of soapstone in contemporary sculpture.

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