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Stable Flame

Stable Flame

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Title: Stable Flame
Stone: Red Alabaster
Size: 5"x 7" x 14"
Weight: 6 lb / 3 kg
Made in BC Canada


"Stable Flame" is a captivating sculpture carved from red alabaster, a stone renowned for its translucent qualities and vibrant hues. Standing at 14 inches tall, its organic form evokes the imagery of a flickering flame frozen in time. The rich, variegated reds interspersed with lighter, almost ethereal white patches give the piece a dynamic visual texture. This work embodies both strength and delicacy, as the stone's natural patterns are accentuated by the sculptor's adept handling. The base, also crafted from alabaster, provides a solid foundation, enhancing the overall sense of stability and permanence. This sculpture, created in British Columbia, Canada, resonates with the region's natural beauty and the artist's intimate connection with their medium.

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