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Volenti Twist

Volenti Twist

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Title: Volenti Twist
Stone Type:  Rose Alabaster

Weight: 15 lb
Size: 8" x 8" x 15"
Made in BC Canada

Introducing 'Volenti Twist,' an exquisite masterpiece meticulously carved from the enchanting Rose Alabaster, right here in the heart of beautiful BC, Canada. This sculpture is a true testament to the seamless harmony between artistic craftsmanship and the inherent beauty of nature.

With a weight of 15 lbs and dimensions measuring 8" x 8" x 15", 'Volenti Twist' unveils a delicate dance of form and material. The Rose Alabaster's soft, rosy tones gracefully intermingle with its natural veining, resulting in a sculpture that radiates pure elegance and sophistication.

The artist's exceptional skill is brilliantly showcased through intricate detailing and a flawless fusion of creative vision with the stone's inherent character. 'Volenti Twist' is more than a work of art; it's a celebration of the age-old tradition of stone carving, a timeless addition to your cherished collection, and a conversation starter that will mesmerize all who have the privilege of encountering its graceful presence.

Welcoming 'Volenti Twist' into your space is an opportunity to connect with the rich legacy of stone artistry and infuse your surroundings with the unique allure of Rose Alabaster. Explore the boundless realms of artistic expression through this extraordinary creation from the heart of BC, Canada.

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