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Title: Turtles
Stone Types: Black Jade Turtles, Coral Turtle Shells, Golden Agate Kelp, White Quartz, Gold Agate Base, Blue Agate Base & Eyes
Size: 6" x 9" x 13”
Weight: 13 lb.


"Turtles" is an enchanting sculpture that intricately captures the graceful motion of sea turtles amidst an underwater landscape. This piece, standing 13 inches tall and measuring 6 by 9 inches, features turtles carved from lustrous black jade, each detailed with coral shells that impart a textured, lifelike appearance. The turtles' eyes, crafted from blue agate, add a captivating depth to their expressions. The sculpture is further adorned with golden agate kelp, gracefully arching between the turtles, and white quartz elements that mimic the look of sea foam. Anchoring this exquisite tableau is a robust base of gold and blue agate, which not only provides stability but also complements the natural tones and textures of the entire composition. Weighing 13 pounds, "Turtles" is a testament to the artist's skill in harmonizing diverse stones to create a vibrant and dynamic scene. This piece, made in British Columbia, Canada, invites viewers to appreciate the serene beauty and delicate balance of marine life, making it a distinguished addition to any art collection.


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