Inuit Inukshuk Repair Job

Inuit Inukshuk Repair Job

An art collector from Calgary mailed an inukshuk that had fallen to the floor.  Within a few days, the repair was seamless, the art piece looks fantastic again!  It arrived in 3 pieces with a lot of scratches on the stone.  With a bit of finesse and effort, we were able to restore the Inuit soapstone carving to it's original look.   Soapstone is a soft stone that is easily scratched and can be broken if dropped from a fair height.  The Inuit use soapstone for carving because it's soft and easy to work with, and has beautiful colours.  Sometimes the carvings get damaged, just email us for a quote to refinish your artwork.


Soapstone carving repair service


Broken Soapstone Inukshuk Repair Job

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Soapstone carving repair service Refurbish sand

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