Randall Zieber ~ A Maker of Alabaster Stone Lighting

Randall Zieber ~ A Maker of Alabaster Stone Lighting

Randall Zieber, one of Canada's top stone designers, is expanding his utilization of Italian Alabaster.  Carving and diving deep into the transformation and artistic display, he is illuminating this stone into a compelling creation.  His interior and exterior bespoke stone lighting designs are trending in modern home decor. 

Each light is designed and crafted in unique ways to enhance the simplicity of a room with one hanging pendant or to expand more into a centerpiece of a captivating grouping. 

Alabaster is a fine-grain stone, mined from gypsum that is commonly sought after to carve statues and endless styles of ornaments and modern designs.

Randy Zieber is an incredible Artist genius who began his career in stone distribution during his university study of business.  While hiking he began to collect stone that would be good for sculpting.  This small hobby turned into a business for the last 20 years and he is now North America's largest stone supplier for sculptors.  He ships hundreds of thousands of pounds of stone and sculpting tools a month to carvers around the world.  Randall Zieber supplies stone such as marble, onyx, serpentine, pyrophyllite, alabaster, soapstone, lepidolite, and much more. 

Randall Zieber's knowledge of stone and intense study of design immediately brought him success as one of the leading stone lighting designers in North America.  Fathom Stone Art has been working closely with him for the past 11 years as our stone supplier and also representing his creations.  Our studio has helped produce his lighting and continues to help connect designers and admirers to his work. 

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