Fathom Stone Art Carving Classes

Fathom Stone Art Carving Classes

Ever dreamed of carving a stone art sculpture yourself?
Fathom Stone Art @ The Westin Resort Whistler holds stone art carving classes!

Carving with British Columbia Soapstone, these classes for kids and adults are catered to suit any level of creativity as a solo or group lesson.  

Soapstone Pendant Class ~ Carve a mini pendant bear, heart, whale, or anything you'd love to keep as a treasured memory of your time in the beautiful mountains of Whistler, Canada!  These classes are hands-on educational, creative, and super fun!
Carve the iconic Inuit Inukshuk ~ Design and carve your own style from a soapstone block and see the oiling of the stone enhance the natural color of the beautiful tones of the earth!
Stack it up! ~ Choose your Soapstone base, legs, the flow of the hips and stretch of the arms as the neck sets the groovy head upon them all.  Each level is a different type of soapstone that defines each layer as a new and beautiful color of your Inukshuk standing strong. 
Skill level up! ~ The Slim Wildlife / Freestyle carving class in small/medium/large, takes carving stone to a new super fun and creative enjoyment!  The length of these classes is between 3 to 7 plus hours depending on the size of stone and level of difficulty you choose, and this class can be a multi-day activity to return and complete!  Our professional studio carvers can fix the final touches to create a beautifully polished stone art sculpture if you desire. 
Call or email Fathom Stone Art to schedule a reservation any time of the day from 9 am until the last class at 7 pm.  The artist will instruct you to enhance your imagination to draw, carve, sand and oil a mini-masterpiece!
All materials are included with direct help from the stone art teacher.  Leave your kids at the studio so you can enjoy the dining, mountain skiing, golf range, relaxing spa treatment and all the goodness of Whistler Village!  




Fathom Stone Art Classes is fantastic for an indoor activity every day especially on those rain, freezing, storm, and too hot days! Group classes are available for a fun group party, lady's or men's night here at Fathom Stone Art Gallery or at your location of choice.  Group bookings are available for conventions, conferences, etc with seating up to 45 +. A great team-building experience!

Anything is possible with stone!

Call (604) 962-7722 or email whistler@fathomstone.com to book.

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