Crafting Memories with Whistler Wander

Crafting Memories with Whistler Wander

Creating Stone Art with Whistler Wander

Fathom Stone recently connected for an art class with Whistler Wander, a remarkable company committed to enhancing the Whistler, BC vacation experience for Spanish speakers worldwide. In our partnership, we had the pleasure of delving into not one but two creative classes: the Carved Inukshuk and the Stacked Inukshuk. These hands-on experiences allowed us to explore the world of art in one of Canada's most captivating locales.

Whistler's best rainy day activity, BC soapstone carving classes.

The Perfect Rainy Day Activity

The rain and snow are a part of what makes Whistler BC so wild and beautiful, but it can be a bit overwhelmingly cold for some. Fear not, for know the perfect antidote. Soapstone carving, a unique and fulfilling activity, is your go-to choice for cold, rainy, or snowy days in Whistler. Our classes offer the opportunity to learn the art of selecting the ideal stone for your design, and then, under expert guidance, transferring that design onto the stone. The beauty of this craft lies in breaking down complex forms, such as orca whales and the iconic Whistler black bear, into manageable steps. These skills extend beyond the art studio, enriching your artistic abilities in various forms.

Art Classes for All Ages and Skill Levels

One of the highlights is the inclusivity of our art classes. Whether you're three years old or a seasoned adult, there's something for everyone. The Stacked Inukshuk classes cater to individuals aged three and above, while the Mini Sculpture class is open to those aged five and up. Parents can leave their young ones to explore their creative side independently here in the warm hallways of the Westin Resort or join them in this artistic adventure. But the artistic fun isn't limited to children. Our Small, Medium, and Large classes are designed for the entire family or groups of adults seeking an enjoyable and creative experience. For a twist, consider booking an evening class and bring along some wine to let the creative juices flow.


Meet the Team Behind Whistler Wander

Whistler Wander is more than just an innovative travel company. It's a passionate team that has fallen head over heels for Whistler, its awe-inspiring skiing, and the great outdoors. The founders, Alex and Eva, embody the spirit of the company, having each experienced a life-changing moment in Whistler. This enchanting place, with its warm people, unique lifestyle, and breathtaking landscapes, left an indelible mark on their hearts. They were determined to share this enchantment with the world and transform a simple vacation into a profound experience. And thus, Whistler Wander Travel Inc. was born.

The name 'Whistler Wander' derives its essence from the Spanish word "Wander," which translates to "wandering, travelling, tumbling, or getting lost." The mission is clear: to guide travellers who are feeling a bit lost, helping them not only find what they seek but also uncover the profound experiences they desire. Alex and Eva's team is highly personable and exceptionally organized, making it their sole mission to make your Whistler experience exciting and memorable. They're the ones who breathe life into the dream of making Whistler accessible to Spanish speakers across the globe.

In conclusion, our collaboration with Whistler Wander has been an inspiring adventure, connecting art, culture, and the beauty of Whistler in an unforgettable way. Together, we look forward to creating lasting memories and fostering a deeper appreciation for the artistic soul of Whistler, BC.

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