BC Jade Stone Lighting & Furniture

BC Jade Stone Lighting & Furniture

Fathom Stone Art Studio designs and carves bespoke British Columbia Jade into a lighting display of captivating vibrancy.  Each piece has an alluring translucency that displays the impeccable formation in the Earth.  We have always approached the use of dimensional nephrite jade as the rediscovery of ancient material.  British Columbia Jade creates new opportunities to push the boundaries of modern stone design and architecture by unlocking nephrite's marvellous properties.

 BC Jade is an art piece of unending layers revealed as the LED-colored light beaming through enlightens it's natural waves of beauty.  These portal lights are one of a kind and come in three different sizes of 12", 21" & 36". All three together make the complete and elegant set with brass, copper, nickel, or live edge settings made to order.

A mountain theme back-splash bar might be just the finishing touch!

Have your very own mountain profile wall panel displaying the live-edge peaks of Whistler Blackcomb, Mount Currie, Tantalus, The Lions, Sulfur Mountain, or any other peak around the world. 

British Columbia's Jade mines produce around 75% of the Earth's nephrite jade available for purchase each year.  Polar jade is the brightest most translucent nephrite jade featuring a pure green color.  Polar Jade was discovered and mined in Northern British Columbia, Canada. 

From portal lights to book-matched wall panels, window art, furniture, and polished boulders, BC jade can be carved so perfectly into any design fit for your decor.  The skilled mastery of BC's top stone sculptors heightens the ambiance and display of this jade lighting. 

Window panel art is exquisite as the natural sunlight beams through amplifying the stones patterns to see the contrast deep within.  Tabletops and standing slabs are remarkable with a light underneath or behind.  The hardness of the stone ensures that the stone won't scratch, chip or break, it is perfect for any living space. 

Jade mining begins from mountains that contain bountiful deposits of jade.  Jade is exposed using diamond-tipped core drills to extract samples.  This process ensures that the jade meets requirements before proceeding with the grueling process of excavating in these rugged mountains.  Hydraulic spreaders are then inserted into cleavage points in the rock to break away from the mountain zone.  Once the boulders detach from the jade mine and the jade is easily accessible, it is machine cut into more manageable 10-tonne or smaller pieces using water-cooled diamond saws.  The jade is then loaded onto trucks and transported to the proper storage and cutting facilities.

Begin your collaboration with Fathom studios for your future lighting, sculpture, and furniture projects and see the perpetual magnificence of stone displayed from the mines of the Canadian mountains. Call to book a consultation for your fine-art design and production.

Under the crust of the earth is an orchestrated symphony of elements colliding.

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