Activities in Whistler for Kids & Adults!

Activities in Whistler for Kids & Adults!

Fathom Stone Art Stone Carving Classes for Kids & Adults! 

What an excellent and interactive experience to remember from your holiday stay in Whistler. Take home your designed and carved stone sculpture.   Along with other fantastic holiday activities, this activity is a great and fun addition to add to the itinerary in Whistler, epscially on a rainy or snowy day for an indoor activity!  

Other great family fun activities in Whistler are the Vallea Lumina light show, the Escape Rooms to test the mind, Zip Lining between the valleys with Ziptrek or The Adventure Group, local art exhibitions at The Four Seasons, Audain Art Museum, Squamish Lil'Wat Centre, and many more!

Fathom Stone Art Gallery is just beside the Adele Campbell Art Gallery @ The Westin Resort Whistler.  Filled with great Stone Art carved by local artists out of marble, gemstone, alabaster, BC jade, and many more precious stones, this gallery and store present the beautiful treasures in the earth and the skilled mastery of stone carving from the local artist's. 

Stone Art Carving Classes are super fun and engaging for all ages 3+. Make a mini stone sculpture, pendant, carved or stacked Inukshuk, or carve a 3D wildlife or freestyle sculpture of anything the creative heart desires.  Drop the kids off like daycare and go enjoy the bike park, Scandanaive Spa, delicious meals at the great selection of fine dining restaurants and the goodness of bakery's around, skiing and snowboarding in the winter, and other great joys here in Whistler Village. The students will receive instruction by the stone art teachers to design, carve, and complete their stone art sculpture upon the parent's return. 

Prices start at $75 to make a mini sculpture, $100 to carve/stack an Inukshuk, and $200+ for the freestyle/wildlife class with the assistance of the stone artists at the gallery and with all materials included.

Walk into the beautiful Four Seasons building and head over to the spa across the bridge to see the Fathom Collection sculptures below, all carved from precious stone, petrified wood, and gemstone:

Fathom Stone Art has an exquiste selection of local stone art available for purchase, carved from magnificent stone into beautiful sculptures. 
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