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Title: Puffins
Stone: Australian Black Jade, White Marble, Agate & Jasper
Made in: BC Canada
Size: 13" x 11" x 14"
Weight: 10 lb / 4.5 kg

This exquisite piece is showing the beauty of a Puffins lifetime partnership.  They are found in the Pacific Northwest and share their long journey out at sea, before returning to land with their Puffinry.  Puffins also know as "Clowns of the Sea", are known to mate for life.

These Australian Black Jade Puffins, with a White Marble body and red Jasper beaks, are an exquisite creation.  Black Jadeite is harder than Nephrite and extremely rare and is only found in one place in South Australia.  Sculpting Gemstones is extremely meticulous and difficult to work with because of the hardness.  Sculptures this precise take incredible patience and fortitude.  Agate is a semi-precious extremely hard gemstone that is found in many shades, colors, and variant translucency.  

The black jade material is extremely valuable costing $500 - $2000 per pound from the mine. Approximately 20 Ibs of raw material were used to carve this gemstone sculpture. 

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