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Art Class Stacked Inukshuk ~ 1-2 Hours

Art Class Stacked Inukshuk ~ 1-2 Hours

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Class Type: Stacked Inukshuk Art Class
Stone Type: BC Soapstone
Size: 3"x1"x4"
Class Length: 1-2+ Hours
Ages: 3+
Price: $100 per person/piece

Take home your personal designed Inukshuk.  Choose your stones, design your piece, polish, glue them together, then oil!  Stack your own inukshuk out of pre-cut BC soapstone parts.

We offer stone carving classes for kids and adults!  We cater to each person or group individually, just tell us what time works for you and we will reserve your space.  We take reservations as early as 9 am and as late as 7 pm for start times.  Our artist instructors will guide you in creating your own stone art piece from British Columbia Soapstone.  All classes include materials and hands-on help.  Drop your kids off while you ski, dine, golf, spa, or shop.  Our classes are educational, creative, and fun!  It's the perfect Whistler rainy-day indoor activity for kids or adults that everyone can enjoy.  Group bookings are available for conventions, conferences, etc with seating up to 45 at Westin Resort on-site classes at your location.

Please call or email to reserve a class.

Email: (604) 962-7722

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