• Explore Exquisite Stone Art and Wildlife Collections at Fathom Stone

    Welcome to Fathom Stone, founded by Jon Fathom, an Alaskan-born visionary, offering exquisite Alaska stone art and wildlife collections. Our captivating art captures the essence of Alaska's beauty in vibrant ports: Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway, Hoonah, and Anchorage. Immerse yourself in a unique experience that resonates with local culture and awe-inspiring landscapes.

    Collaborating with cruise lines, we infuse each piece with the essence of Alaska's majestic wilderness, from glaciers to charming streets and rich history. Explore our virtual gallery and embark on a journey through extraordinary stone art, evoking wonder and serving as cherished mementos of your Alaskan adventure.

    Experience the captivating allure of Alaska's landscapes and wildlife with our unparalleled selection of stone art. Discover the harmonious blend of nature's beauty and artistic mastery at Fathom Stone. Begin your exploration now and let the magic of our stone creations transport you to the heart of Alaska's enchantment.

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  • Juneau

    Explore Juneau's natural wonders with Fathom Stone's exquisite stone art. Capturing glaciers, forests, and wildlife, our creations embody the essence of this enchanting city.

  • Ketchikan

    Experience Ketchikan's vibrant culture through Fathom Stone's captivating stone art. Discover the charm of totem poles, historic buildings, and stunning landscapes in our pieces.

  • Skagway

    Relive the Klondike Gold Rush with Fathom Stone's artistry in Skagway. Our stone art pays tribute to the history and rugged wilderness that define this legendary port.

  • Hoonah

    Unleash Hoonah's untamed beauty with Fathom Stone's extraordinary stone art. Encounter Glacier Bay's peaks and Icy Strait's wildlife in our captivating creations.

  • Anchorage

    Immerse yourself in Anchorage's energy and stunning landscapes with Fathom Stone's captivating stone art. From the majestic Chugach Mountains to downtown's allure, our pieces embody Anchorage's essence.

Abstract and Modern Stone Art

Antler, Ivory, Inukshuks and Inuit Art

Wildlife Stone Art