Life Size Polar Bear Collection

Alaskan born and raised, Fathom was naturally drawn to the beauty and mystique of the polar bear - it has been a consistent muse throughout his career.  The “Life Size Polar Bear Collection” carving began in 2012 with the completion of the first installment, Amazing Grace at a private residences yard in Toronto.  As the years pass, his passion for both his artwork and commitment to bringing attention to the endangered species continue to grow - as do the pieces in this series.

At 9 feet and 8,000 pounds, North Star is the largest piece to date, incorporating a high level of intricate detail, design, and creation of it’s natural environment.  Using marble from his native Alaskan home, and jade mined here in British Columbia, along with Colorado Yule Marble base, this piece truly represents the the great white North that is home for these beautiful creatures.

Over the course of fifteen months, North Star has evolved from 2 blocks of the finest marble available in North America, with a touch of BC Jade, to an elaborate piece of artwork.
This polar bear was carved from Alaskan Marble, the same stone used for interior cladding inside the Vancouver Art Gallery.  The only Alaskan Marble quarry closed around 1930 and holds an historical significance.  


Title: North Star 

Series: Fathom Stone Art ~ Life Size Polar Bear Collection

Stone: Alaska Tokeen Bay Grey Marble, BC Jade, Colorado Marble

Size: 9’ x 3.5’ x 5’

Weight: 8,000 lb. [25,500 lb. original stone blocks]

Artist: Fathom & Team

Carving Time: 1.3 years

Carved at Fathom Stone Art Studio ~ Whistler, BC  Canada



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Fathom Stone Art Life Size Polar Bear Collection "North Star" #3
photo by @raemegomezcu

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